Climate change is not about politics

The United States has increased in polarization between the left and the right in politics. Moderates, unfortunately cannot afford to be moderates, or else they run the risk of appearing to be too close to the other side. Republicans are portrayed as racist xenophobes who only care about riches and power. Democrats are portrayed as empty headed thieves trying to create a welfare state. Neither of those ideas are correct though, and it seems like very little is being done make friends across the aisle for fear of losing face.

Climate change is an issue that both political parties should take seriously, even if it is for different reasons.

Republicans should be able to see future market opportunities by supporting new technology endeavors and advancements, while being fearful about what climate change would do to issues regarding national security. Republicans, taking climate change seriously, win: stronger immigration policies, nuclear power, and ending the oil conflict in the middle-east once and for all.

Democrats on the other hand should see it as a chance to bring resources to the less fortunate and increased focus on health care; while being fearful about what climate change would bring about for socioeconomically impoverished. Democrats, taking climate change seriously, win: more diversity through cooperation, creation of smarter regulations, and by increasing focus on renewable resources.

Both sides should have a lot of skin in this game. Everyone has a lot to lose, except for those who plan to win off other people’s losses. Everyone in the United States should want what’s best for the United States, and that means climate change action. It does not matter which side of the political coin a person is on.

Problems that are facing the United States are too big for republicans or democrats to fight on their own. Some issues will always be incompatible for bipartisanship to compromise and work together on, which is fine. Most issues that politicians debate about are how to solve the problems that the nation faces, not whether the problems exist or not. Climate change needs to be one of those issues that focus on finding solutions.

The conversation on climate change needs to change from a left verses right slugfest, to a conversation about how each side can make their own impact for the good of the nation. Instead of fighting over climate change, fight about how to make the United States a better place to live for all people now, and in the future, then climate solutions will follow.

Christians will suffer along with the rest of world if they do not stand as a roadblock to limit the effects of climate change. Christians should be the first people to reach out to others with different views and opinions. Agreeing on important topics does not mean that issues close to the hearts of Christians (such as abortion and drug use among many others) must be compromised on. Fight the fights that deserve fighting, but extend an olive branch when the problems need both sides working together. The United States is one of the greatest countries in the world because it allows for differing viewpoints, but it will not be as great as it could be, if those viewpoints cannot be reconciled for the benefit of all those who live in the nation.

If you want to take a simple political action against climate change, sign an online petition, which is then sent to your congressmen/women on your behalf. The pre-written petitions can be found under General Resources page, or by following this link.