A single person can make a global impact

It is too easy to get overwhelmed at the amount of problems in the world. There are too many to count, there are too many to pray about, and there are many more that people just do not know about. Even the problems that are known, are usually too big for a single person, or group of people, do make a meaningful impact on. Most problems ultimately just get left up to organizations, churches, or the government to try and handle. Christians fall in to the habit of sending a prayer to heaven and a dropping a check into the mail, but fail to take up actions themselves.

Praying and donating money are great things that Christians are blessed to be able to do. God calls us to pray (James 5:13) and to not be stingy or uptight with our money, but give out of the goodness of our hearts (2 Corinthians 9:7).

That’s unfortunately where a lot of people stop. A bigger impact can be made though. Here are 3 reasons why a single person can begin to make a global difference:


1.       The world is not as big as it feels

The world is physically huge. It should boggle minds. It is taught in schools that if the world were the size of a cue-ball, it would be just as smooth as one. Meaning that all the mountains, valleys, hills, and even cities, would not be able to even be felt while holding it. It’s big. It is connected though. Amazon.com delivers anywhere in the world in just a few days. One-day of travel means that a person could end up almost anywhere. Cell phones, literally, send messages to space when people use their GPS. One person can make a difference, because any one person can access the majority of the world from their own home; whether it is through shopping, or reading, or donating time and money to global issues.

2.       Individuals make up organizations and Churches

It is easy to get lost in a crowd, both literally and metaphorically. It is easy to blend in and go with the flow, to let the masses move the mountains. The word, “congregate”, means to assemble, gather, or rendezvous. That means that a Christian congregation is a group of people that have chosen to come together for the same reasons. When people refer to “the church”, it is not a silent behemoth, but an uncountable number of people who all have come together for a like-minded purpose. If individual people choose to try and change the direction of a group, then all it takes is to change the mind of other individual people, just like yourself.

3.       It doesn’t take as many people as one might think

Most people that talk about serious topics facing the United States or world will say things like, “it’s just how it is” or “nobody cares about it”. It may seem like a huge challenge, but things do not have to stay the same, just because they have stayed the same. There could be a influential people or others who have done monumental things reading this, but that’s not going to be the majority of people. Most people will be able to affect their closest family and friends, and maybe some people at work or Church. That’s not small or inconsequential though. Even with diminishing returns, one person can change a community. If you change the minds of 5 people, who change the minds of 4 people, who change the minds of 3, then of 2, then just 1 more person, you have a total of over 300 people who have changed their lives and actions based on your words. If that seems ambitious, how about if one person tells 4 people, who tell 2 people, who each tell 1 more; then that still adds up to a total of 20 people who have heard what was said and decided to change their lives. That’s not nothing.

If one person decides to try and change the world it would not be easy, but it would not be impossible either. It would be a big challenge by itself, but it can be broken down into the smallest of goals and achievements, then split among a congregation or group of friends. There are some things that the government, or big companies, must do in the fight against climate change, but that should not stop the individual and the church from accomplishing what they can do. Here are some easy ways, and small changes that a Christian can make to begin to change the world outside of themselves.